At Ionic Engineering Ltd, we operate a fully ISO9001 compliant Quality Management System. Our objective is to ensure consistent, repeatable, high-quality products on time, at the most competitive rates, and to the highest specification, for all our customers.
We are committed to 100% on-time delivery, 100% conformance to specification, and 100% value for money.

Ionic Engineering Ltd is fully committed to reviewing and improving the quality of the service offered in the precision machining, assembly and finishing of components to customer drawings, to ensure customer needs and expectations are fully satisfied. The quality objectives of Ionic include producing complete solutions to customers’ manufacturing needs from concept through to production in the most cost-effective and efficient way and on time. We recognise that our continuing success and reputation depends on the quality of the service we offer and that BS EN ISO9001:2015 provides an internationally recognised standard for quality systems, against which our own quality system can be judged.


Quality Assurance is an important part of the Ionic Engineering service and to that effect we are accredited to ISO 9001- 2015.

Quality Control At Every StageQuality Control At Every Stage

Quality control is ensured at every level of the company and at all stages of production. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality management system for our customers. This standard is understood and driven by all our engineers.

Custom Built Inspection DepartmentPurpose Built Inspection Department

Our temperature controlled inspection department includes an automated Hexagon Global CMM, which enables all components to be reliably and accurately measured to micron tolerances.Q

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